Choosing the right card

Before you plan to roll out your badging program, we recommend testing a few different cards that you plan to use for your badges.  Not all cards are equal.  In fact, cards need to meet specific ANSI/ISO standards, or else it could interfere with the badge functions and/or damage your system and the printhead, a costly mistake!  Once you have the cards selected, run through testing and issuing your badges from start to finish.  Check the color and lamination on the card. How does the photo look?  Did the cards feed in ok, or did they jam? If your using your ID card for access control this is even more important, because your cards will get a lot of use.  If your using a bar-code be sure to test it for readability, test your mag stripe (if you have one) with your swipe readers.

Get feedback on the deign to make sure it conforms to your company standards and what you want to achieve in terms of the "Look".  If you need text on the back of your card, or need special custom logo printing, holofoils or special security features,  be sure to ask about our custom card manufacturing and printing.  Lastly, the card stock is critical. We offer 4 different levels of card stock, from a Level 1 up to a Level 4 card, in a range of thicknesses and finishes.  Ultimately the type of card you choose to issue your badges with will depend on the usage, longevity and security you want for your badges. Request a free card sample pack today.

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