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Pathways DC, has been using the Corporate ID Card Program since 2007.  We needed an easy to use program that was both secure and affordable.  We have a few different badge types depending on the type of employee receiving the badge. Currently we have close to 200 employee's.  We initially did not intend to purchase our own ID system due to limited resources required to manage the badging process.  We needed for identification cards that were both secure and professional, since our staff wears their card when they go on-site to various locations and we wanted to create a unified image that identified our staff.  Our badges have a photograph, name, title and our logo.  We like the flexibility the Corporate ID Card Program has to offer, and find that requesting new badges for employee's and receiving them is fast. We plan to expand and add our other locations to the Program as well for a centralized solution.   - Marita

Marita C.,