Using Bar-codes on your badges

Bar-codes come in a variety of styles and fonts, and depending on the scanner and application your using as to which type of bar code you will have on your badge. Most Access control systems do not use bar codes since they are not very secure, however a time & attendance system most likely can...
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High Definition Printing

High definition printing lends itself to a more secure card, because graphics can be complex and intricate.The high-definition re-transfer printing process for issuing badges has made an positive footprint on ID cards and card security. High Definition Printing® gives you superior print quality, in particularly on smart cards and prox cards with embedded electronics where...
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Choosing the right card

Before you plan to roll out your badging program, we recommend testing a few different cards that you plan to use for your badges.  Not all cards are equal.  In fact, cards need to meet specific ANSI/ISO standards, or else it could interfere with the badge functions and/or damage your system and the printhead, a...
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