FIPS201 & PIV Cards

Currently, there are several standards specifying the requirements for card issuance, biometrics, card materials, printing technology and security elements for the new PIV card.(eg. FIPS 201, NIST SP800-78, SP800-76 and SP800-73). Identicomm Technologies is committed to providing you with relevant information regarding our ability to meet these specifications and share our breadth of expertise. These standards are expected to change. We will update this information as needed.

We have systems for card issuing as well as our line of smart chip cards, proximity cards and multi-technology cards to meet your agencies requirements. Each agency may require a slightly different card depending on their uses (access control, etc.)

The following information provides specific details on our ability to meet the requirements found in FIPS Pub 201. In accordance with Section 6.1, Identity Authentication Assurance Levels, we will reference our confidence level for recommendations to this effect: