EasyLobby Solo by HID

HID Global® has announced the availability of EasyLobby® Solo, a professional automated visitor management solution designed for the needs of small to medium organizations.EasyLobby Solo is a streamlined visitor badging system designed to make an easy transition for organizations moving from a traditional guest book to a an automated, digital visitor management solution.  In addition...
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Visitor Identification & Expiring Badges

Visitor identification plays a critical role in facility and workplace security, and  a visitor experience that extends your corporate image and security policy to everyone that visits your organization. Depending on your visitor policy, non-escorted visitors and escorted visitors be granted different types of visitor badges.  We have worked with hundreds of organizations to...
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Holograms still top secure authentication

Hologram technology may predate the widespread deployment of televisions, but holograms for secure authentication are still standing strong among document security features in both the corporate and government sectors.  And it seems that strength will continue even as digital and mobile ID technologies gain more popularity with governments, financial institutions, corporations, schools and others.
The hologram...
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ID Security Features

Whether it’s a passport, driver license, employee credential, proof of insurance, or the student ID card, credentials are becoming more sophisticated to prevent fraud.A chink in the armor, however, is that unique cardholder identifiers really only work when the person validating the ID cards has the right tools — i.e specialized hardware, readers, database access, and...
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