High Definition Printing

The high-definition re-transfer printing process for issuing badges has made a positive footprint on ID cards and card security.

High Definition Printing gives you superior print quality, in particularly on smart cards and proximity cards with embedded electronics where the surface may not be completely flat. High reliability and durability lowers your total cost of ownership, and affordable pricing makes High Definition Card Printing available to practically any business.Versatile modular design permits change as your needs change. A dual card input hopper, is ideal for large volumes.

In addition, field upgradable options like dual-sided printing, single or dual-sided lamination and encoding can be installed after the purchase to leverage your investment down the road. Advanced design and intuitive operation make it easy to select and load cards and media, and operators will appreciate the status messages and prompts for guidance as they issue their cards.

For maximum card security, the laminate option will apply and additional laminate to the front or the back or the card with the optional lamination module. Laminates are available in clear, generic holographic patterns, or can custom with your text or logo for a professional, unique non-duplicable card. That's good news for organizations concerned about anyone trying to counterfeit their ID's.  Dual-sided card printing option lets you add text, logo's, graphics and more to the back of your cards, without having to manually reload cards. It's automatic! Optional High Durable HDP Film offers greatly enhanced card durability. And re-transfer film also comes in standard or  custom holographic patterns. To learn more about High-definition re-transfer printing systems, and if it makes sense for your organization, contact us today to talk with a specialist.

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