ID Secure Features

Whether it’s a passport, driver license, employee credential, proof of insurance, or the student ID card, credentials are becoming more sophisticated to prevent fraud.

A chink in the armor, however, is that unique cardholder identifiers really only work when the person validating the ID cards has the right tools — i.e specialized hardware, readers, database access, and proper training.

This is where a card’s visual security becomes the critical first line of defense against ID fraud.  Personnel need to be able to easily and readily identify that the person holding an ID card is, in fact, the legitimate cardholder.  Advanced visual security elements protect the cardholder’s identity, as well as reduce an institution’s risk associated with counterfeiting.

We offer several custom card options for advanced visual security.  These are aimed at providing a cost-effective, highly secure means to implement personalized visual security elements which both small and large organizations can leverage when they want to make their cards more secure.

For more information on custom card printing and security features, call today to talk with a card specialist and request a quote for your next badging project.

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