Using Barcodes on Your Badges

Bar-codes come in a variety of styles and fonts, and depending on the scanner and application your using as to which type of bar code you will have on your badge. Most Access control systems do not use bar codes since they are not very secure, however a time & attendance system most likely can use one.

Code 39, Interleaved 5 of 12 and Code 128 are two popular formats, which can be produced fro our ID system and automatically printed on your badge. To ave room on your badge we recommend printing the bar code on the back. And placement is important, that depend on if you using a swipe wedge reader, or a laser scanner.

We always recommend using a bar code mask (red box) printed over the bar code, that way if someone tries to copy the code it most likely will not work. Other security measure should also be taken to prevent fraudulent use.

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