Visitor Identification and Expiring Badges

Visitor identification plays a critical role in facility and workplace security, and  a visitor experience that extends your corporate image and security policy to everyone that visits your organization. Depending on your visitor policy, non-escorted visitors and escorted visitors be granted different types of visitor badges.  We have worked with hundreds of organizations to assist in developing a visitor policy and supporting solutions to achieve their objectives.

Regardless of access needs, visitors should be processed efficiently and accurately with a sense of friendliness and welcome. The level of security depends on the intellectual and physical assets to which visitors need access.

More often than not,  facilities are screening identification of visitors who will be on the premises, a process than now takes only a few seconds. Driver's license scanning, threat screening and watch-list alerts can be utilized with our latest third-generation PC-based visitor management systems.

Information on the badges typically include visitor's name, date and time in, and the escort.  Frequent facility visitors such as service people and janitors may be issued permanent vendor badges and would be separate from your visitor system.

The security director must determine the level of implementation that is appropriate.  Your visitor badges may provide access authorization for a single entry or an authorized period. They can be issued as one-day access to employees who arrive without regular access credentials or to contractors or temps expected to be in the facility for periods such as a week or month.

Expiring Visitor Badges

Self-expiring badges change color over time and expire at different time periods, and once expired the process cant be reversed, so it's an economical solution with proven benefits for security.  Staff and security guards will be able to visually see who is a past visitor that may be trying to use an expired badge, and signals a check on the visitor.

Employees seeing someone with a visitor badge will know if the person has permission to be in the facility. People at the front desk do not have to be concerned about collecting visitor badges from visitors when they leave.

There are considerations when choosing expiring badges for your program, such as where will the badges be worn, your climate environment and length of time of visitors.

The expiring visitor badges are useful in both deterrence and detection. It is unlikely that a person will attempt to gain unauthorized access wearing an expired badge because it immediately exposes the person as a trespasser.

In nearly every instance, the expired badge prevents unauthorized use. Deterrence is an ideal line of defense in security protocol. Identicomm Technologies has a complete line of standard and custom expiring visitor badges in different time intervals.

They are used for contractors, temporary employees, visitors, vendors, and visitors. The expiring visitor badges are affordable, effective, and simple. They increase security and control access by identifying vendors and visitors that enter a facility. Expiring visitor badges offer a visitor identification system that streamlines the way visitors is documented.

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